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I enjoy getting out in nature as often as I can: camping, going fishing, and tramping to take in our beautiful scenery.I am a bit of a bookworm, and I am at University doing my Masters in Anthropology., not gender, but a perversion of masculine energy which brutalized, raped, suppressed the feminine.The witch-hunts of Salem and Europe whipped up a hysterical mob mentality against women, against the feminine.a new webcomic by Ariel Ries, follows a queer South Asian witch named Nyneve (Nin-eev) who lives in the witch kingdom Hyalin.In Hyalin, the strength of a witch’s magic is determined by the length of his or her hair.

MARK OF THE WITCH follows Jordyn, a beautiful young woman (Paulie Rojas) who is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil’s daughter.

I can think of one friend who’s dating another Pagan, and I myself am involved with a Pagan now.

Considering all the different paths and traditions and types of Paganism, I think that dating within Paganism can be as challenging and as difficult as dating across religious lines can be.

It rounded up and killed the wise women, the natural healers, any women with land they wanted or those outside of the societal status quo, who refused to conform to Christian and Patriarchal rule.

Basically, in fear of the power of the feminine, women, the earth, and its creatures, were slaughtered under false and hysterical pretenses.

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