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I believe this sampler is from Rockingham, New Hampshire.

A sampler wrought by 11 year old Mary Fowler in 1804.

Please enjoy these Polly Quotes from the wise, the romantic, and the famous of the past and present.

Such, Polly, are your sex - part truth,part fiction; - Some thought, much whim and all a contradiction.- Richard Savage O Polly, you might have toyed and kissed,by keeping men off, you keep them on.- John Gay Thresholds of pain, indignity and incapacity are entirely personal.- Polly Toynbee The best care on earth cannot prevent us all dying in the end.- Polly Toynbee But the single overwhelming reason why jails are burstingis longer sentences given for more crimes.- Polly Toynbee My Lords temporal, today is the day to rise up againstthe regiment of Lords spiritual and proclaim the values of enlightenment,compassion and common sense.- Polly Toynbee This is indeed a clash of civilisations,not between Islam and Christendom but between reason and superstition.- Polly Toynbee Please sign-up for my free Daily Inspiration email.

- Polly Toynbee The parent is the strongest statement that the childhears regarding what it means to be alive and real.

More than what we say or do, the way we are expresseswhat we think it means to be alive.

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We can see that the baby is as much an instrument ofnourishment for us as we are for him.- Polly Berrien Berends A sense of worthiness is a child's most important need.- Polly Berrien Berends There is all the difference in the world between teachingchildren about religion and handing them over to be taught by the religious.- Polly Toynbee So what really works? We set out to have a baby; what we get is a total take-over of our lives.- Polly Berrien Berends Crime is only the worst example, but it is a paradigmfor other Labour policy disasters.

Paul Casey has followed Rory Mc Ilroy in becoming engaged over the festive break and believes it can help him to rejoin the elite.

Casey tees it up in the Volvo Champions in Durban on Thursday having pledged his future to the TV presenter Pollyanna Woodward.

The news came six days after Mc Ilroy revealed that he was to marry the tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.

Last year, after winning the Irish Open, he credited Woodward with helping him to lift his first title in two years.

But although that signalled the comeback of the former world No 3, the 36-year-old Casey was not impressed with his results in the latter part of 2013.

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The span of time and amount of human energy that went into this remarkable piece is truly astounding!

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