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By the time his third album, Time, was released, his success and popularity had waned.If you've ever wondered why Katie Price never seems to stay single for long, you might be interested to know her ultimate relationship tip: you don't just need the one man, you need a reserve too.

The ‘Grace’ dress from the London based evening-wear fashion house is created to flatter the feminine form and is great for any important occasion from a big fancy shindig to a dressy date night.

Stage veteran Robert (Patrick Stewart) and newcomer John (Joshua Jackson) begin a friendship while appearing in a small town rep.

This friendship is shown both on the stage and behind the scenes, the pair face the trials and tribulations of work in the ...

Mr Justice Flaux awarded the damages, expected to run into millions of pounds, to "Mr H TV Ltd" - a company owned by Neville Hendricks which produced a series of reality television programmes featuring Andre.

The judge, sitting in London, was scathing about claims made by Andre that he felt physically threatened after his close friend and manager Claire Powell allegedly received death threats from Mr Hendricks at the stormy end of their relationship, which involved "scurrilous and vitriolic" tweets on social media.

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star Scotty T, denying the claims and writing on Instagram: "I love my husband so why would people try to start shit."Just cause I know male people doesn't mean to say f**king anything's going on, so get over it."It's been said before and it'll definitely be said again – never underestimate the Pricey.

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  1. Social media is a great way to catch up with high school friends, connect with family members or check up on a lover and sometimes these check ups can break apart a happy couple. The secret relationship rules on social media can be a potential deal breaker. Plus it’s not surprising that the number one reason why Facebook was at fault for divorce cases was because of “inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex,” states Your Tango, a media company dedicated to relationships and love.