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Michael Shannon would absolutely kill it as the Targaryen true believer, who’s spent years in hiding as part of a complicated plan to bring down those who knocked the royal family from the throne.Equal parts stern father, wide-eyed fanatic, and broken-hearted lover (it’s heavily implied Connington’s feelings toward Rhaegar were more than platonic), Shannon could imbue Connington with the same mixture of madness and vulnerability that he’s brought to so many parts in the past.Many fans had guessed Michael might die, and Urman acknowledges that his shooting had been planned from the very beginning. We knew it was going to be pretty devastating after this incredibly joyful wedding,” she says.“We really planned and thought through what it will do to the show, to the narrative, to the characters, and how it will propel us forward in the long-term arc.”“She will lose her virginity this year,” Urman declares.While real-life terrors continue to abound for LGBT people, the question often arises why we should care about anything that happens in the make-believe world of entertainment.Who cares, the thinking goes, when terrible things like this week’s aggressively anti-LGBT legislation rolling back protections and banning trans people from certain restrooms has been signed into law in North Carolina?put Grey Sloan into lockdown, landed Stephanie not just in harm’s way but in its grasp, sent Jackson on a massive guilt trip, reduced Owen to tears and had Alex staring down a demon. Make yourself comfy on the edge of your seat and read on!As “True Colors” began, Meredith realized that — oops — she’d accidentally let Nathan sleep over, so she had him sneak out without bumping into her kids for the first time.

Jon Connington, best friend of Dany Targaryen’s long-dead brother Rhaegar) in the flesh.

In particular at issue was how the wave of deaths perpetuated the long-standing television trope known as “Bury Your Gays.” It is the pernicious tendency to give LGBT characters tragic endings.

In TV this trope has manifested itself time and time and time again for queer women on shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Chicago Fire,” “Pretty Little Liars” and others.

I've had a pretty bad case of writer's block lately so I figured the best cure is to write something I know very well and have though about a lot, my very own Justice League Fan cast. To start it off, the genius billionaire philanthropist detective *takes breath* martial artist badass, Bruce Wayne A. He could pull off the cocky, lovable character that is Hal Jordan.

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best actors alive, whoever doesn't agree just look at his filmography and awards he's insanely gifted.

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