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“I'm not just saying this, but I really do think they chose the actors before they chose the look,” Schull continued.

But 12 Monkeys obviously is a big step in her career.

There are all sorts of milestones that remind you that time is going by, like realizing that a boyish movie star is on the verge of fifty (see Cruise, Tom), or that a favorite movie has been relegated to “classic” status (see Vinny, My Cousin).

And so, for me and women of a certain age, the news that American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Ethan Stiefel would retire this July came as a bit of a shock. at forty-three, is Kathleen Donahue, the icy prima ballerina. They can read, which suffices.” He was being kind; Stiefel couldn’t even smoke a cigarette convincingly.

And not once has the dance-centric film shown signs of aging.

I never got the whole thing when I was a kid, but that night, when I watched Amanda Mc Kerrow as Giselle learn the truth about man she loved, I thought, Oh, that’s just like what Cooper Nielson did to Jody! I saw more ballets in which he carried out his princely duties reliably and with aplomb, and I began to forgive him. His last time on that stage will be in “Le Corsaire,” a spirited but silly ballet full of pirates, pashas, and slave girls.

Stiefel, who jetéd into the hearts of thousands in the beloved dance movie “Center Stage,” was immortalized forever at the height of his game. When “Center Stage” came out, in 2001, Stiefel was in his prime. T dancers round out the cast: Sascha Radetsky plays Charlie, the boy with the good heart, and Julie Kent, who is still with the A. The film has all the elements of a teen movie: love triangles, eating disorders, cliquey girls. Although, to be fair, the professional actor Peter Gallagher as artistic director Jonathan Reeves didn’t do much better.

In the film, he plays the ballet bad boy Cooper Nielson, principal at the fictional American Ballet Company. Zoë Saldana plays Jody’s tough-talking friend, and the ever-youthful Susan May Pratt plays the school bitch with the killer pirouettes. The director Nicholas Hytner did the best he could with a script that features gems like “Cooper, you’re an amazing dancer, and you’re a great choreographer, but as a boyfriend… When explaining a ballet’s meaning with the line “It’s an expression of harmony that isn’t of this world,” even his powerful eyebrows were of no help. I was born in Russia, and ballet was practically my destiny. The playbills from those shows did not survive a recent purge of childhood memorabilia, but I can safely say that pre-“Center Stage,” Ethan Stiefel barely made an impression on me.

Chalk it up to a character, a plot point, a single scene or sometimes a combination of the three — a trifecta that I believe my love for “Center Stage” was born from.

After first experiencing the film at my college theater back in 2000, I would venture to say the DVD has been screened roughly 2000 times in my various apartments over the last decade.

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The movie’s rallying cry, “Dance the shit out of it! It wasn’t a good movie—David Denby called it “bizarely infantile,” “a thirties musical without good jokes,” and “a semi-fiasco”—but despite its flaws, I instantly knew that the film would be with me for life. In “Giselle,” he danced Prince Albrecht, the sly seducer who breaks a young girl’s heart.

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