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White nationalists seek to ensure the survival of the white race, and the cultures of historically white states.They hold that white people should maintain their majority in majority-white countries, maintain their political and economic dominance, and that their cultures should be foremost.

As I've grown up though, I've seen a lot of hypocrisy in some of these nationalist circles especially on the fringes.

Pan-Aryanism defines whites as individuals native to Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Western Asia who are wholly of Caucasian lineage or are overwhelmingly from the following Caucasian ethnic groups, or any combination thereof: Indo-European ("Aryan", including the Iranian and Indo-Aryan peoples), Old European (e.g.

Basque), or Hamitic (in modern times supposedly confined to Berbers).

There was this group called the NSM (The National Socialist Movement) which operated about an hour and a half a way from me.

I always disliked their style of dress, and I believed that many of their members were very un-professional and very un-disciplined as a movement.

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