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It cannot get it from the operating system because the operating system is located on a hard disk, and the microprocessor cannot get to it without some instructions that tell it how. Some of the other common tasks that the BIOS performs include: The BIOS is special software that interfaces the major hardware components of your computer with the operating system.It is usually stored on a Flash memory chip on the motherboard, but sometimes the chip is another type of ROM.The BIOS software has a number of different roles, but its most important role is to load the operating system.When you turn on your computer and the microprocessor tries to execute its first instruction, it has to get that instruction from somewhere.On Windows 7, you can search the Start menu for System Information to find it.

Since the BIOS is constantly intercepting signals to and from the hardware, it is usually copied, or shadowed, into RAM to run faster.

I was wandering Since most of my hardware is new and I am using windows 8 pro with my Asus Z77 MB.

I remember using and old Intel MB awhile back I think it was a G33 chipset and I guess it was not compatible with some of my hardware and software So I Did my first BIOS update ever and then the PC would not boot up anymore.

The first thing the BIOS does is check the information stored in a tiny (64 bytes) amount of RAM located on a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chip.

The CMOS Setup provides detailed information particular to your system and can be altered as your system changes.

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