Validating ps3 dumps

A PS3 NOR/NAND Dump Checker/Verifier NOTE: Nobody takes ANY responsibility for any false negative/false positive given by this app, the responsibilty that your dump is valid is YOURS and yours alone...

this tool should be treated as an easy way to make a quick check to see if it's at all worth looking closer at, to really verify your dump read the latest information here: You may use this tool any way you like, you may also use the code on this repo any way you like If you find any bugs let me know so i can fix them!

Prepatch it so that both ROS and RVK areas are filled with 3.55 reference data.

If still bad statistics, it means dump is bad in perconsole regions, prone to permabrick!

Please use this method only after you first tried the above options first (so you have learned from it as well) :) Tip: look on talkpage for a step by step guide (and please improve where possible).

Open up the flashdump (make it unified first if it is still 2 seperate NAND dumps) with a hexeditor (e.g. Mouse over the blue graph bars of 00 and FF Valid dumps will have ).

Open up the flashdump (make it unified first if it is still 2 seperate NAND dumps) with a hexeditor (e.g. Mouse over the blue graph bars of 00 and FF Valid dumps will have And find all instances in hexeditor When it says found in 0x10 and 0x10010 you substract them (0x10010 - 0x10 = 0x10000) So that means there is an error with setting 0x10000 (only one bit set!

So I've decided to release my modified version of Flow Rebuilder that can handle any dump (been too lazy to create a new tool that would do the exact same thing.. There's not much to say, you just use it like the original one.) low because the programmer applies 0x10010 but the actual data on the address lines (received by the nor flash) is 0x10 Same check, found at 0x420 and 0x10420 (0x10420-0x420 = 0x10000) address is 2 bytes.0x10 in dump with hexeditor is in reality 0x8 on the address bus because we read 2 bytes at once so the address is no longer 0x10000 but 0x8000 0x8000 (hexadecimal = base 16) = 1000 0000 0000 0000 (binary = base 2) which means the 16th bit = 1, we start counting at A0, so the 16th is A15 conclusion : A15 is bad and click Execute Operation This will result in making 2 new deinterleaved files you could use for reflashing (it is recommended to alway use your own deinterleaved sourcedumps, this method is only mentioned as last resort for people that lost their backups). or and join IRC in channel #ps3downgrade (tip: use a real IRC client e.g.if i don't hear about bugs i can't fix them ;) swizzy[at]is my e-mail if you have any bug reports to give or just wanna talk...Flowrebuilder v4.2.2.0 Hx D - Hex Editor Now if you follow this basic steps, and if everything matches your ps3dump is OK, if anything fails to match use another dump, the one you're checking may lead you to a permanent brick asecure_loader (folder) ros0 (folder) ros1 (folder) bootloader_0 (.bin) c CSD (.bin) c ISD (.bin) cvtrm (.bin) e EID (.bin) trvk_pkg0 (.bin) trvk_pkg1 (.bin) trvk_prg0 (.bin) trvk_prg1 (.bin) (if you don't have them, please don't proceed!

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all i just did was to compile all the info they gave me and wrote everything down for further use.

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