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NET Core is one of the reliable ways to prevent an additional roundtrip to the data source for data that does not change frequently. Abstract: Transitioning from HTTP API development using ASP. NET 5 has been designed to make it simpler to work with some of the coolest modern web development tools like Angular JS and Grunt.

This article will highlight the large and subtle differences and will help you out with the transition Abstract: ASP.

Some input fields expect to receive a date, whereas others can only accept numbers in a given range.

You may also have input fields whose content must match a regular expression and other fields that employ a custom logic to determine whether or not the provided value is acceptable.

Instead of as this lets the browser (and the user) know that the contents of that field need to be secured.

The password won't appear on the screen as you type and most browsers also won't 'remember' the values entered in fields as they do with other form elements.

In some cases, such as on mobile devices, displaying the password may improve usability without compromising security.

NET MVC, WEB API, j Query Ajax and Knockout to implement Master-Details type of UI in an LOB web application Abstract: Using a mashup of technologies like ASP.

The PHP filter extension has many of the functions needed for checking user input, and is designed to make data validation easier and quicker.

The filter_list() function can be used to list what the PHP filter extension offers: The following example uses the filter_var() function to check if the variable $int is an integer.

Because the input type obscures the text typed, you should let the user confirm that they haven't made a mistake.

The simplest way to do this is to have the password entered twice, and then check that they are identical.

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