Utorrent tracker not updating

These include a constantly updating blocklist managed by the home site and a manager that lets you choose which lists to include in the block.

The program allows for a user to turn on and off both IP and HTTP trackers as well as including a log showing the time, source, IP address, destination, and protocol of the tracker.

NOTE: the download speed is solely depend on the availability of seeds to the tracker, so the "update tracker" wont help you if there is no actual seeders.

In a bittorrent client the first response from the tracker will contain a list of peers.

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The page will show the remaining upgrades available to you including their cost and time required.

As you might have noticed already we have rolled out a Safety feature to let you decide if the torrent you are about to download is safe or not. Pay attention to this score and read comments, this should make it very safe to download torrents through Bit Lord.

One important new feature is our tracker adder, this is automatic.

Uninstalling Bit Lord 1.2 will only remove the program, all your downloads will still be available inside Bit Lord 2.0.

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When the tracker is contacted for an update after the first response, will any of the peers sent in the second response be the same as in the first response?

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