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The album will feature 10 tracks (11 if you count the bonus track) with titles such as “Ladyboy”, “Children Of The Sun”, “Golden Shower”, and more.

The first single, “Praise Abort”, will be released on May 29th. Head below for the album cover and various editions that will be available.

I am open with this fetish because I mean hey if they don't like you because of it then hell you don't need them anyway!

When Alfred Kinsey revealed the findings of his copious researches, in Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male (1948) and its sequel on the human female (1953), Americans were shocked to the core.

When the film Kinsey was released in 2004, its subject was compared (by Concerned Women for America) to "Nazi doctor Josef Mengele"; a damning book suggested he was a shameless homosexual who fiddled his research figures (and his staff); while the Generation Life pro-Christian group complained: "Alfred Kinsey is responsible in part for my generation being forced to deal with the devastating consequences of sexually transmitted disease, pornography and abortion." When the "sexologists" Masters and Johnson published Human Sexual Response, based on their laboratory investigations into sexual intercourse, the university which had housed their research declared that they'd had no idea what was going on and were profoundly shocked. Why should religion have the power to direct (or restrict) what we do in bed?

The Wellcome Collection's new exhibition of the pioneers of sex study touches on all these matters, but reminds us that we're all still asking, broadly speaking, the same questions as were being asked a century ago. Why should governments dictate what consenting adults do in private?

No subject in the field of modern sexual relationships has more exercised the British press and public than paedophilia, but we still seem confused about what it is.

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