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Organizations need to conduct a job task analysis to review all of the hazards associated with a particular job or task to improve environmental, health, and safety.

JHAs should be periodically reviewed and updated with changes in job tasks, job locations, equipment, etc., to ensure safety mitigations stay current with job tasks and hazards.SOP Template Alternatively, you can customize the following chemical-specific SOPs to match your laboratory chemical-specific operations.Do not cut and paste contents or certain sections from the SOPs without careful review, as the SOPs in the library must be customized for your specific laboratory operations.One of the best ways to prevent workplace injuries is to complete JHAs to establish and document safe job procedures and then use them as a primary reference when compiling standard operating procedures and training employees how to accomplish a specific job task safely.Supervisors of employees who may operate or service equipment and/or perform tasks that could result in serious injuries if safe work practices are not identified and followed are encouraged to use the methods and materials provided on this webpage to perform a JHA related to your work.

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There’s no common understanding of what the terms “job hazard analysis” (JHA) and “job safety analysis” (JSA) mean.

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