Updating old bathroom tile

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You need to get out of the room from time to time and breathe some fresh air.

There is a lot of cleaning prep work to do before you start. If your surface is not completely clean, I don't think the finish will last very long…just a hunch.

You know, the bathrooms that are completely gutted and completely reconfigured.

Those bathrooms are fun and completely "pinnable" but for many are not attainable for many different reasons. It was actually considered livable before the toilet, faucets, and that random turn dial light switch were taken out.

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The guys spent two days refinishing the tile and after the 48 hour dry time... It originally had a door and it made the bathroom look very small and closed off.

We removed it but the holes from the hardware remained.

Together they'll be so bold you'll forget about not being able to paint the ceiling black.

Or, if you're feeling particularly gutsy (and want to spend the dough) experiment with temporary wallpaper.

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Staring all day at photos of enviable bathrooms full of bold tile floors, brand new fixtures, dreamy cabinets and claw foot tubs made for soaking in, it can be easy to get discouraged and focus on what you do when you rent (or if you own but don't have a huge budget for renovations).

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