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But in your case is specially weird, have you tried to install an older driver? i dont see anything in my bios about graphics cards/displays. It seems that the newest nvidia update, which is from mid december, seems to now work, which is a real shame, cause some games I wish to play only work on the newest nvidia update... Hi Guys, All was going well last night when I was gaming on my 3 month old Dell Inspirion 15 (7559).i mean, the card is plugged into my machine and working on my monitor. This morning I logged on to play some games, and noticed that Nvidia Geforce Experience had a notification that there was a driver update available (they come out with frequent driver updates, and I have done this several times).

No need to worry, because usually NVIDIA graphic card errors occur due to some Driver problem that you can easily fix by downloading and installing the latest NVIDIA Drivers.

This answer is merely for driver issues with 16.04 and n VIDIA. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 and everything worked fine until I switched to NVIDIA driver.

After rebooting I couldn't get past the login screen.

Very often we are required to update our Graphic Drivers manually.

While Windows Update will update your computer system including the Device Drivers automatically, or the software updaters of your graphic hardware will inform you when updates are available, there may be a time when you may have to on you own update your systems video and graphic drivers, if you are facing issues like Laptop screen brightness flickering or if you wish to get better performance out of your system.

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please have a look at askubuntu.com/a/760469 it seems the nvidia drivers are not yet compatible with the latest kernel version.

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