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Learn how to install a kernel on a system that doesn't matter. This is obviously a very short guide; only use in conjunction with a more thorough guide such as The Linux Kernel HOWTO 1.

Download the latest kernel from The kernel comes as a 20 to 30 MB or tar.bz2 file.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel is custom-built by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel team to ensure its integrity and compatibility with supported hardware.

Before Red Hat releases a kernel, it must first pass a rigorous set of quality assurance tests.

Making a new kernel from the new sources is basically the same process as making a kernel when installing the system.

The difference is that one can use the configuration of the old kernel to create a configuration for the new kernel.

The tool packages may be called something else in your Linux distribution, so you may need to search for the package.

Be especially cautious when messing around with the kernel.

Back up all of your files, and have a working bootable recovery floppy disk or CD-ROM nearby.

The latest source code for the Linux kernel is kept on

You can either download the full source code as a tar ball (not recommended and will take forever to download), or you can check out the code from the read-only git repositories.

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Be careful: other options, not related to a specific hardware, should be left at the default value if you do not understand them. Kernel compilation may take quite a while, depending on the power of your machine.

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