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One of the partners is Kaleb's longtime childhood friend, Wayne Yung—whose mother used to say that Kaleb was more Chinese than him because Kaleb would eat anything at their house and when Wayne visited Kaleb's house all he wanted was American food.

Kaleb and Wayne went to high school and college together, and were even each other's Best Man at their weddings."In 2010, we started having Thanksgiving dinners at Wayne's mom's house.

Sometimes, unattractive on the outside, beautiful on the inside or vise versa.

Though the basics are the same—nonbelief in a god or gods—the new system also calls for pushing nonbelief on others, almost to the point of abject proselytization.

I thought Russians were the most racist out of all of Europe (one beat up an Asian, be mean to Africans that go there, etc).

Women from all countries have beautiful women in the inside and on the outside.

The name "Hawkers" refers back to Asian markets with food stalls where the vendors would "hawk" their goods - "People are finding out that they can come here for dinner, and actually make a night of it.

At lunch time, you're in and out, but at dinner, we have people that come in at , and then hang out afterwards 'til just because of the fun, friendly vibe," Hawkers not only has great Asian food. Kaleb is one of the four partners in the business, with the other three all being Asian.

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