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Plus I prefer the button layout to GC, I've spent too long playing on playstation and handhelds to be used to anything other than the usual diamond layout of face buttons.

It's also surprisingly light which is nice for longer play sessions, although the battery life could be better (and I hate how it drains even while it's not in use).

Gamecube is my fav, probably followed by the SNES controller. N64 was great for the games the system was pushing at the time, Wiimote and Nunchuck I'm a fan of, even when they aren't used for motion controls, and I was very surprised by how comfortable I found the Wii U's gamepad too. For me it was between the Wii/nunchuck and the GC controller. Better for proper gaming in general, but both are very good and versatile. The N64 design is pretty weird and unecessarily limiting on one hand, but on the other hand it still worked well as there are still enough buttons easily reachable without having to switch handles.

Also, unlike the first two it has the analogue stick.

- Pretentioustea has joined Special: Chat but there is one question about myself I'm still trying to figure out -!

Cleric is the king, the king founded the country, you and slosh are his right hand men, his council, he can do what he wants with his country and you are there to help.

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