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Even when the tweets are pushed to your client by Twitter, they often require a touch or mouse click to become visible.Twitter does include APIs, though, that developers can use to push messages and create a real-time, live stream of auto-refreshed tweets.I've written before about how to get breaking news on Twitter, but the approach I discussed there requires the user's intervention.Many Twitter clients, in fact, force you to interact with the on-screen client in order to get the tweets you want delivered.

Factors such as the new 'speed mode' refresh system and persistent message colouring have given it the ' Xen Foro Effect'; it is simply more fun to use.

Through it, you will receive broadcasts when the App Widget is updated, enabled, disabled and deleted.

that launches when the user adds your App Widget and allows him or her to modify App Widget settings at create-time.

One of the great things about Twitter is the ability to keep abreast of what's happening.

Whether it's local news, influential tweeters or buddies, you can quickly get a snapshot of what's going on that matters to you.

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