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It’s really hard to make online dating work when you are constantly quitting.In your lifetime, how many times have you fallen in love?See full summary » A reality-show around a women's love boot-camp is hosted by matchmaker Steve Ward who is the son of successful matchmaker Joann Ward.His brutal honesty makes for an entertaining "tough love" advisory approach to helping these nine love troubled women deal with their issues.

Quit being such a nice guy In an attempt to show good dating etiquette men will go out of their way to be “nice”.Cody then takes out his phone as he sits at the end of the hospital bed,which by the way his phone is big af.It is obvious that he is texting someone, I wonder who it is.Classic character personalities earning titles such as "the gold digger" or "Wedding Obsessed." Watch as they learn how to change themselves in order to better themselves and attract good men.They will participate in dating 101 classes under the male matchmaker. See them go through personal challenges as well as the ones setup for them. They are pretty, they are successful, they are smart – and yet, some women just seem to fail in the dating world.

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