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- Make a list and attend social events and functions in your area that encourage the same life interests and hobbies, etc., that you want to attract. Feel free to add or subtract from these tips, but they may prove to be a good start when it comes to attracting the right dating relationships to you.

This caller was tired of feeling like she wasn’t good enough.

Wouldn’t it have been great if I would have taken the time to think about all of the failed relationships and combined all that heartache into one clear idea of what I did and did not want in a relationship?

I could have saved myself a few swings of the pendulum. Really get into this and take the time to write down every detail. Most people never take this step of writing down what they want and yet it is the single most important step in finding the partner of their dreams.“Do you know that by simply writing down what you want, you increase your chances of getting it by 80%!

How do I ‘Attract’ the perfect relationship for me? ”Just think about that for a minute…Don’t doubt yourself.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have slipped quickly and enthusiastically into full blown sarcasm.Many people confuse it as a universal law that is about "attracting" a significant other, when in reality it has much to do with the bigger picture regarding what we require in wants versus needs.The Law of Attraction in layman's terms is about like attracting like.Even better, they over correct and end up in another relationship that fails for similar, yet opposite extreme reasons.“If you’re like I was, you have no idea what you really wantfrom your next relationship ñ only it should be completely different fromthe last one that failed so miserably!”I certainly knew what I didn’t want ñ at least from the relationship that just ended.

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