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Who wants the narrative of their breakup exposed to the world on Gawker? Here's part of the email Gawker posted: Put down your cup of coffee or you might spill it. Ted is such a man, though fortunately, he is far from being abusive.

Butler attended Northwestern University as a theater major (BS, 1967) and switched to playwriting at the University of Iowa (MA, 1969).

In 2011 we began publishing survey results in Pet e Magazine (formerly e Groomer Journal).

Here you can easily access the results of surveys back to 2011.

On this web page you can take current surveys, and locate the results of prior year surveys. Double K Industries has the corporate sponsor of the surveys for nearly 2 decades. When you are done you may return here or enjoy another feature of Pet

The results of these surveys will be published in Pet e Magazine in January 2018.

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