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Oral histories told by artists, curators, collectors and experts working in specialized bookstores, collectives and art world institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, were a central part of this course which took advantage of the almost 500 artists’ books in the University Libraries.

Not only did students have hands-on experience with contemporary artworks — many of them printed in small editions — but they also helped to broaden Penn State’s collection, by making recommendations for the library’s purchase of new artists’ books.

Achim, or ' Brothers' in Hebrew, was founded in January 2010 by a group of Jewish men at Dickinson College.

We aim to foster a brotherhood among inclined male students at Dickinson College of Jewish faith; to serve as a support mechanism for the same; to add to the vivacity and strength of Jewish Life on campus, especially for members of our organization; to serve, in name and in action, as honourable representatives of the Jewish people; and to encourage vigorous participation in social and philanthropic activities in both the Dickinson and Carlisle communities.

Since then I have been involved in Jewish Life and have held various board positions in Achim.

During my presidency, I hope to further the involvement of Achim with the other Jewish life groups on campus, strengthen the internal brotherhood of the group, and increase Achim's impact on the overall Jewish male presence on campus!

What most people know about the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania can be summed up in a single name: Jim Thorpe.

Overcrowding, poor food, physical abuse, and loneliness weakened students. In are the tombstones sticking up out of the lawn, each one with a single red flower, left by someone unknown to us, and the grass that grows and grows, indifferent, murmuring, shrugging its shoulders: 'They are gone, but I am still here.' We recently asked you to support our journalism. You have encouraged us in our mission — to provide quality news and watchdog journalism.With girls machine time director for the theatre music community that i identify and a host.Abuse physical stalking and the use technology social media make interactions more chilled out weekend dating long term find single men in privacy of massage.Birth doulas from the community participate to answer parents’ questions.Time will also be provided for parents to meet individually with doulas in a “speed dating” format.

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It's infamous, the model for dozens of similar schools that spread across the United States and Canada.

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