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Childhood tooth decay has reached "epidemic proportions." This report will show dental practices how to implement software solutions effectively in order to attract pediatric patients, retain them and improve their oral health.We surveyed consumers on how auto attendants impact their perceptions of businesses.Download a list of upcoming capital projects and their projected bid dates.

The modules used to accelerate the design process and to enable a market analysis of the product are not included in the package. In addition, it is equally important to know exactly what the “competing” products are capable of.All bids presented on this page are subject to change by way of addendum.Addenda are available through Buy Speed Online or, for construction bids, through Buzzsaw.The algorithms are the same as for the professional version. ADS Education offers the same features and functions as the professional version. When designing a new aircraft, you are recommended to perform and analysis of a dozen similar aircraft. How will the performance be for the different flight conditions ? How do I take into account the applicable regulations ?The optimisation module is not included in the package. Since time is money, this version has an optimisation module which is an easy and rapid tool to define and optimise the configuration of the airplane on the drawing board. This version is exclusively available for universities and academic institutions, and can be installed on 20 workstations. This will give you a good idea of the quality of your competitors and allow you to position your design amongst them Which engine do I use ? What wing area is needed to provide lift and how big do I make the tail surfaces to obtain good handling qualities ? Do I settle for a single engine configuration or a twin ? The Design module of ADS will help you find the answers to all these questions in the shortest possible time.

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