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Each document is displayed with analytical metadata (publication reference, dates, keywords, etc.) organised behind different tabs.

Brauciens ar kartingu ir pa spēkam jebkuras vecuma grupas un sagatavotības braucējam, tāpēc šis sporta veids populārāks.

Depending on the type of document accessed, other tabs might be available (for example Procedure, National transposition, Summary of legislation etc).

Scrambling for rafts, the nine-man crew barely made it to safety before she sank, stern first ten minutes later.

Dating back to 1991, municipal bylaws have been approved with the understanding that authority existed under SGI will work with municipalities to ensure that the risks and hazards associated with operating golf carts on public roads are properly identified and managed through the adoption of a set of best practices that address common safety concerns such as, but not limited to: SGI consulted with various stakeholders, including other Canadian jurisdictions, the City of Regina, the Saskatoon Police Force, RCMP, the Saskatchewan Safety Council, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and the Saskatchewan Association of Urban Municipalities.

Current golf cart bylaws that have been previously approved by the Highway Traffic Board, will remain valid for a 2-year period provided they comply with the driver's licence requirement and the minimum insurance requirement.

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