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But one of the most recent that the prime minister’s account was following was @Persian Hot Book, a feed which describes itself as “the first library of hot sex books [in the] Persian language.” At the time, @Persian Hot Book had only 15 followers, of which the prime minister’s account was one of the latest to join.But as of Sunday morning, the prime minister’s Twitter feed no longer followed @Persian Hot Book, and had also stopped following another 15 feeds, bringing down to 74 the number of feeds it was following.holds a Masters degree in Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University and an Honors Bachelors degree from the University of Toronto in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Jewish Studies, and English.[Less] To the great amusement of Iranians on social media, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official Twitter feed briefly followed an Iranian sex site before unsubscribing Sunday morning, some seven hours after The Times of Israel broke the story. on Sunday morning, @Netanyahu, the prime minister’s verified Twitter account, followed some 90 users on the social media network, the overwhelming majority of which were Israeli embassies and government accounts.The apparent Twitter faux pas was the second for Netanyahu among Iranians in a little over a week, after he was roundly mocked on social media for telling BBC Persian that Iranians should overthrow their government so they can be free to wear jeans.That comment was followed on Twitter by a groundswell of pictures of ordinary Iranians showing off their denim duds.

Canadian Charitable Number: 848606067RR0001 (Click Here to See IRQR profile on Canada Revenue Agency The most common place Iranian LGBT flee to is to Turkey where they seek aslym from the UNHCR.

Patients (n = 802) who had undergone abdominal surgery were studied and the relationships among variables were analyzed by Student's t and Chi-square tests.

The subjects were followed for 30 days and by a 20-item questionnaire.

In 40.8% of the cases, the wound was dirty infected. The operations were elective in 75.7% of the cases and 24.7% were urgent.

The average duration of the operation was 2.24 hours, the average duration of pre-operative hospital stay 4.31 days and the average length of (pre- and post-operation) hospital stay 11.2 days.

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