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If you want to find out if something is a bug in Hibernate, they have a JIRA Issue tracking site you can use.When you call save Or Update you will either update an existing record or insert a new one based on how Hibernate checks unsaved values - normally, whether or not the id been changed, or ... The only thing that seems a little confusing is that the rolename is unchanged. Do you think Hibernate has to show the statement in it' logs? Author Message supratim Post subject: can not saveorupdate please help Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 am Newbie Joined: Thu Feb 18, 2010 am Posts: 3 Hi all, I have this following mapping files.Hibernate provides multiple methods for persisting entities with slightly different semantics.To understand the methods better it is good to understand the different states Hibernate managed entities go through.(Applications that use this kind of approach in a high-concurrency environment usually use versioned data to ensure transaction isolation.) This approach requires a slightly different programming model to the one described in the last section.

Transient entities are unknown to any Hibernate session and don’t have any database identity attached. save will assign the database identity value to the entity’s id property, but might not do any SQL INSERTs.What is difference between save and save Or Update or Difference between save and persist are most important question in any Hibernate interview. ) successfully saved The above output shows that the entity with specified identifier does not exist in database by running select query. Now check the output for such situation where entity for the given identifier is already exist in database. Session interface in Hibernate provides a couple of methods to move an object from new or transient state to persistent state e.g. In the above example just change the name and phone number. If persistence object already exists in database then UPDATE SQL will execute and if there is no corresponding object in database than INSERT will run. Below is example of both save and save Or Update() method.

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