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One name not found on the list is Dennis Pegg, the 68-year-old retired corrections officer from Stillwater who was killed in June.One of the two men charged with stabbing Pegg — Clark Fredericks, 46, of Fredon — told police he had been molested by the older man when he was in Pegg’s Boy Scout troop.Wednesday, Kosnoff sent the files of some former New Jersey Scout leaders to The Star-Ledger. My complaint is they (the Boy Scouts) never learned — they stuck their head in the sand and played ostrich and pretended as if this wealth of information that was in the files didn’t matter." The portrait that emerges of those volunteer leaders deemed "ineligible" by the Scouts is of a motley collection of men, some just out of their teens, others retired; blue-collar and white-collar workers; professionals and tradesmen; the well-to-do and the just-getting-by."Sometimes (the Boy Scouts of America) never turned this stuff over to police, even when on its face, it was very serious. What they held in common, the Kosnoff files indicate, was a sexual attraction for underage males.The speakers particularly highlighted the Be a Friend First program (BFF), a national bullying-prevention initiative designed to help middle school girls develop healthy relationship skills, understand relational aggression, and learn about conflict resolution.Marcy Germanotta, communications and marketing director for GSCCC, and Savannah Williams, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Newport News, Virginia, discussed the impact and benefits of BFF.

The names have been surfacing the past few weeks largely because of the efforts of a Seattle lawyer who has been compiling a vast list of abusive Scoutmasters from lawsuits and court records over the past two decades.

By Amy Ellis Nutt, Alexi Friedman and Jason Grant/The Star-Ledger The Boy Scouts of America officially called them the "Ineligible Volunteer Files," confidential documents dating back decades, tracking Scout leaders who had been dismissed from their volunteer jobs.

Unofficially, however, Boy Scouts executives referred to them as the "Perversion Files." The names tumble down the pages alphabetically — some 5,000 Scout leaders in total, at least 120 of them from New Jersey.

For topics not covered below, ward leaders (the bishopric, the Young Men presidency, and the Primary presidency) should search the LDS-BSA Relationships website ( for information on the specific units for which they are responsible; for how to grow Scouting in the ward; and for information on finances, camping, training, and so on.

The videos, blogs, and success stories shared by experienced Scouters will serve as valuable resources to all ward Scouting leaders, including committee members.

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The most recent version of the To read quotes from Church leaders about the necessity of registering immediately, click here: Church Policies Concerning BSA Adult Registration.

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