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She has a good height of 5 feet 7 inches and a perfect body which measures 32-27-35 which looks very hot and sexy when she wears a swim suit and flaunts her gorgeous legs and beautiful feet.She wears a bra size of 32 C and a shoe size of 6.5.She was born to Eleanor Mc Coy (mother) and Stan Lathan (father) along with 4 other siblings namely Tendaji Lathan, Colette Lathan, Lilane Lathan and Arielle Lathan.She is best known for her appearance in the 2015 movie The Perfect Guy, 2013 movie The Best Man Hoiday and the 2000 movie Love & Basketball both of which were commercially and critically successful.Some come to embrace their similar history, while others remain bitter.Kenya Mc Queen is a successful African-American CPA, working her way to the top of the corporate ladder -- but her life has become all work and no play.So what's the latest in random celebrity couples you never would have thought to pair up? Diddy, French, and Sanaa were leaving the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood when Diddy decided to shoot a video for posterity. And in the video below, she seems to dispel the rumors - at least, somewhat. The dating rumors first started back in July, when this video of Sanaa sitting on French Montana's lap hit the internet.

But I have worked so hard to create this life and I’m in a pretty good place. Lathan was allegedly dating Out of Control co-star Denzel Washington while filming the movie.

Sanna Lathan turned 45 this year and beating age limit stereotypes, she is still in the Hollywood.

👉🏽 4 year ago today I made my Broadway debut as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago on Broadway!

Since then, sources all over the place have been claiming that Sanaa and French are "hanging out," "getting to know each other," etc. But then on Monday, she hit up radio show Big Boy's Neighborhood to promote The Perfect Guy and had this to say when questioned: "You know, I don't talk about my personal life.

A beautiful young single mother feels the pressure from the ex-pat Nigerian community to get married.

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  2. We’ll get to Meg’s date later — it was actually quite inconsequential — but a quick summary: Meg is a former stripper from South Carolina. J., Nickelback fan, has been dreaming of this moment — the moment he drops trou in front of a female stranger — his entire life. As Liddy approaches, he drops the icebreaker: “Hi, I’m A. and this is my cock and balls.” The ice remained intact. (This is a standard VH1 joke: two naked people straddling a giant, high-speed phallus. It’s a meta-funny.) Anyway, they are both turned on by each other’s wanton disregard for their genital safety and free-spirited humping of a giant banana. Did Liddy’s rejection affect him more than he thought? (She demonstrates a disturbing prejudice against soft, white things. Joe uses this opportunity to assert his masculinity by telling Liddy she can’t read a map, but also demonstrates his ingrained southern gentleman tendency by grabbing her bare butt to help her maintain balance. Liddy proceeds to take a shot and finally gets to release that gag she’d been suppressing all day.