Relevance of constantly updating ones skill

The concept of lifelong learning is accordingly transforming from a discretionary aspiration to a career necessity.

No longer is it a supplemental luxury to learn new skills, and no longer is learning new skills something you do only when you’re pursuing a significant career change.

Chart 1 Is the cost of an education really worth it?

No skills equal few jobs; few job opportunities equal lower earnings, etc.

Being relevant, competitive, and in-demand in today’s fast-moving world requires an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning regardless of your role or career path.

Going forward, we’ll need a generation of workers who are hungry to learn and eager to keep pace with the times.

We also find that this effect has been especially large for highly educated workers in recent years.” Value of an education So what’s the value of an education?

As is illustrated in Chart 1 annual earnings increased dramatically as the level of education rose; and those differences widened noticeably from 1997 to 2001. Individuals with a high school diploma earned a median income of ,055, those with a bachelor’s degree earned a median income of ,284, whereas individuals with a graduate degree earned 5,320.

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