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Since the ECPA was enacted, it has also been updated to reflect new technology.The ECPA created penalties for any person who intentionally: 1) intercepts, uses or discloses any wire or oral communication by using any electronic, mechanical, or other device, or 2) without authority accesses a wire or electronic communication while in storage. Congress intended to provide stiffer penalties for interception than for accessing communications in storage.But the Snowden revelations have revealed that the NSA has been listening to Skype since 2011 and it’s unclear to what extent other agencies are able to intercept the service.

Congress enacted these laws in 1986 to update the Federal Wiretap Act of 1968.Private information that users may have shared via Telegram can be retrieved in plain text from the device, said Zuk Avraham, chief technology officer of mobile security firm Zimperium. Avraham's discovery and said that its encryption works as claimed except when an attacker can gain administrative control of a device running the app.In such situations, no encryption measures can fully protect users, it said.The original ban on wiretapping protected a person’s privacy while using telephone lines.The 1968 legislation did not envision the use of such modes of communication as electronic messages, Internet chat rooms, text messaging, cellular telephones, Internet bulletin boards, or voiceover IP.

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