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Now that my kids are back in school, I’m trying to focus on my marriage a little more, and I’ve been thinking that this long weekend might be a perfect time to use this idea again 🙂 One Valentine’s Day years ago – my husband and I were once again planning an evening in with our four kids because we were a) too broke for both a babysitter and dinner and b) didn’t know any babysitters anyway…A couple days ahead of time, I decided to think up enough questions to create a little Valentine’s game to play with him.Instead of letting date night go, we came up with the perfect solution to make a spontaneous at-home date night possible any night of the week!

The key is that they provide focus and fun to your passion, and hopefully lead to more love.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

We've organized this mundane task by providing you with an easy tracker, a printable card that allows you to insert any 4 x 6 family image, festive confetti and darling envelopes, all designed by the SUPER talented Joanna at JAB Creative! Continue Reading Show off your Spirit Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, candy and FREE printable wall art, what could be better!?

Without really asking directly what your husband likes or dislikes you will find out through this quiz.

This is the perfect way to ask him his preferences indirectly without giving him a single clue at what you’re trying to do.

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