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These include ways your teen can protect his/her reputation and privacy online; demonstrate maturity; consider credibility of online sources; safety and consequences; and communicating openly with you about concerns.Being clear with your expectations regarding your teen’s drug/alcohol usage is key to prevention.In general, they should cover important issues such as the age range in which the child is permitted to date.Both a maximum and minimum age should be specified.For parents and kids grade 6 – 8 If you have a preteen in grade 6 – 8, this agreement covers specific, age-appropriate guidelines related to Internet and cell phone usage.These include online safety, maturity ratings, intelligent online practices, online bullying, honesty, time limits and open communication.Dating – as parents we already know how complicated dating can be, especially knowing the pressures and temptations that go along with dating.Where do you set boundaries & rules for your own children?

This is a tough one for some, luckily with these parent teen contracts you will have the help you need to navigate through tough conversations like: This dating contract is a great behavior contract to use with your teen and especially your preteen, so they know what to expect in the years to come regarding dating.

I also agree to introduce my date to my parents before any date.

If I am on a group date, I will inform my parents of the names of all participants. I agree that an acceptable punishment for disobedience concerning these rules will be and that repeated offenses will result in a complete inability to date for a set period of time.

However, sometimes good communication is the key to keeping your children safe.

Dating contracts act as a written agreement between teens and their parents.

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What we have is a youth culture with far too many liberties and not nearly enough parental involvement and boundaries. A number of years ago, our friend Jerry Wunder shared with us the benefits of interviewing our daughters’ dates.

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