Online dating commercials

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In one, police arrest the man for “harassing girls again” and in another…

Expect a slew of new dating ads to join all those dieting commercials on TV in a few weeks.

A new company, Elite Singles, is getting ready for its high season in January and February, when the brokenhearted make a resolution to find someone else.

Unfortunately there are some socially inept online daters out there that like to… In the commercial a guy arrives at a bar where he is to have his first date with a woman he met online.

This is a funny speed dating commercial by AT&T that shows what happens when a man tries to use lines with a smart woman who is connected. He’s looking at her photo and description on his phone – 5 foot 5, red…

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  1. “What happens when a marriage planner, Fei Luo Luo and online love specialist, Lu Zhe Xi encounter where the former provides marriage planning service and the latter, tries to break up the same couple?