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Some of them are really provocative and a lot of people begun to question whether the winner will be deprived of the crown or the organisers will ignore her indiscreet photos.Moreover, later it was founded out that a number of winners and contestants work in go-go and striptease. BY, whether STV, a TV channel and one of the organisers of the show, will do anything about the situation with photos of the winner of the contest, a spokeswoman for STV Anastasia Savitskaya noted that the organiser of the contest "Miss Minsk - 2013" is not only STV, but also the Minsk City Executive Committee and the National School of Beauty. On the Internet, except for those photos in Instagram and online resourse, there is very little information about Yana Kantsavenka.Eurovision's strict rules are pretty clear about no live animals being allowed onstage - and nudity would just be downright scandalous! Now though, video footage has emerged via Russian website Life that show the young star making good on this suggestion (at least at the rehearsal phase) as he is shown singing his track 'Help You Fly' onstage to a pair of actual live wolves, wearing nothing but his birthday suit! At one point, Lukashenko called on Belarusians “to get undressed and work till you sweat." Some have speculated that the president misspoke, perhaps intending to say “develop yourselves,” which apparently sounds similar to “get undressed.” But Belarusian social media took him at his word.Since the speech, thousands have taken to Instagram and Twitter to post photos of themselves working in the nude.Hundreds of Belarusians have posted pictures, using the #getnakedatwork hashtag and the craze has even spread into Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

A large number of clothing-optional beaches exist throughout the country.The president of Belarus has accidentally sparked an international naked working craze after urging citizens to “get undressed and work till you sweat.” Alexander Lukashenko made the bold suggestion when talking about the importance of technology to the national economy.But, unfortunately for the president, citizens took his words at their literal value and have started posting pictures of themselves naked at work.A rumour has been circulating online that the 2016 Eurovision entrant for Belarus, IVAN (real name Alexander Ivanov) wants to perform his song 'Help you Fly' in the NUDE with a couple of live wolves by his side, onstage at Stockholm this year.The rumour was initially dismissed by many as silly gossip.

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Social networks users within only one day after Yana Kantsavenka, a stunning 21-old student of High School of Tourism, won a Miss Minsk 2013 beauty contest in Palace of Sport discovered various pictures of her doing thing that a lot of people would consider inappropriate for Miss Minsk.

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