No credentials cache file found while validating credentials

When using service discovery for KDC or kpasswd servers, SSSD first searches for DNS entries that specify _udp as the protocol and falls back to _tcp if none are found.

to use or which addressing style to use for Amazon S3.

The mechanism in which boto3 looks for credentials is to search through a list of possible locations and stop as soon as it finds credentials.

The order in which Boto3 searches for credentials is: are variables that contain your access key, secret key, and optional session token.

It will handle in memory caching as well as refreshing credentials as needed.

You can specify the following configuration values for configuring an IAM role in boto3: call to retrieve temporary credentials.

Note that the examples above do not have hard coded credentials.

We do not recommend hard coding credentials in your source code. [default] aws_access_key_id=foo aws_secret_access_key=bar [profile dev] aws_access_key_id=foo2 aws_secret_access_key=bar2 [profile prod] aws_access_key_id=foo3 aws_secret_access_key=bar3 calls to AWS STS on your behalf.

COM Ticket etype: aes128-cts-hmac-sha1-96 Ticket length: 256 Auth time: Feb 11 2013 End time: Feb 12 2013 Renew till: Feb 18 2013 Ticket flags: pre-authent, initial, renewable, forwardable Addresses: addressless $ As we can see, we have obtained a ticket which will expire 6 hours after its creation, which can be renexed for 7 days, encrypted using AES-128 algorithm, ticket that can be used by the TGS. Such a error says that the server is not reachable.

There are many possible reason why you can't get a ticket.

This manual page describes the configuration of the Kerberos 5 authentication backend for sssd(8).

In the case where the UPN is not available in the identity backend, sssd will construct a UPN using the format If the auth-module krb5 is used in an SSSD domain, the following options must be used.

The Kerberos 5 authentication backend contains auth and chpass providers.

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