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Of course a full admin or full Cloud Front permission would work as well, but here is the least permissive policy.Assuming that all the permissions are in order, lets get started.

As far as I can tell, this is just used as a buzzword.This makes it lighting fast, and on average the Time to First Byte - as in the time it takes to start loading - is 10 times (!!! However, this great speed opens the issue of cache invalidation.On the CDN your site is stored in the local cache (again, this is awesome, it’s what makes it so fast).If you were to modify the contents of a cell (for DOM data source tables) or the array / object values (for Ajax / JS source tables) Data Tables wouldn't know that this has happened.This method can be used to tell Data Tables to re-read the information from the data source for the row (be it from the DOM or objects / arrays - whatever the original data source was).

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Invalidation of data provides an alternative to using methods are preferred over the invalidation methods, as they use less code, but where the invalidation methods really shine is when the data source for the table are external objects which can be updated using that objects own methods and then simply tell Data Tables that the data has changed by calling the invalidate method.

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