My supervisor is intimidating

Some are intimidating because they're utterly self-assured, and some are so straightforward that they come off as abrasive. Although it might seem counterintuitive, your most intimidating boss can be your greatest asset.John*, who worked as a recruiter for a web-based news company for almost a year, was initially intimidated by his female boss because of her dedication."Finally I did something that ended up costing the company money," he said. When I saw it I worked up the courage to confront her, and I think she respected that." He left the position a few months later on a high note, having run the department while she was on vacation.

At times, I thought she felt threatened by my knowledge, so I stopped questioning her decisions and just applied them.

An incident after my first season as vice president/general manager of my first baseball team almost took me down even further.

During my first season I came up with an idea to increase advertising revenue in our nightly game scorecard for the next season.

I created a presentation for our organizational meetings in the fall where I could offer the concept to our principal owner and the four other general managers in our organization.

Following my presentation, which I thought I did pretty well considering my extreme nervousness, our principal owner said, “Well, Skip, that’s a great idea, but, we don’t do it that way in Nashville (the home office and city that launched this group’s first baseball team).” That statement meant I wouldn’t be doing it in my city, either. I felt judged and demeaned in front of my bosses and peers.

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