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A single large locking lug is used to secure the breech.The magazine tube is located below the barrel, and is screwed into the receiver.OWC Math Bowl Rules [Download pdf] Northwest Florida State College An Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Institution NWF State College Math Bowl Rules Each school is invited to bring a minimum of four and a ...FIREARMS CURIOS OR RELICS LIST (1972 - 1998) - Entries Are ... La Veta Orange, CA 92868 [Download pdf] Little Johns Auction Service 1740 W.

The factory scope base is attached to the barrel via a cantilever-type mount, which places the scope over the receiver but keeps it with the barrel if the barrel is removed.

Introduced in 1960, all model 500s are based on the same basic concept designed by Carl Benson.

Originally using a single action bar, that was known to bind and even break, this was changed to dual action bars in 1970, following the expiration of Remington's patent on the double action bar design.

I have not shot the gun yet, but I am impressed with the company so far! He owns guns and one is a Mossberg 500A s/n L644817. ) that holds and is full of 12 gauge shells with a pistol grip. I have no way to know what your extras are worth, but probably not too much. Normally if it came with both stocks, it should also have come with two barrels - one about 28 inches long and one about 20.

If the shotgun is in very good condition, used I would think if you get about 0 plus or minus for it and the extras, you would be in the ball park. Having both barrels should add another 50 bucks to the "used" price. 12 gauge birdshot is selling for around ten dollars for 25 rounds. That amount of shells you have might turn out to be worth more than the gun.

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The slide release is located to the left rear of the trigger guard, and the safety is located on the upper rear of the receiver (often called a "tang safety").

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