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We had small talk at first, then she asked me what I was doing in Moldova.Parlamentul a aprobat, în cadrul ședinței plenare de astăzi, proiectul de lege cu privire la Guvern.Documentul, dezbătut în prima lectură a fost susținut de majoritatea deputaților prezenți. Liderul PPDA Andrei Năstase a torpilat miercuri o dezbatere organizată de Promo-Lex pe subiectul modificării sistemului electoral.text pdf Feeling a heightened imperative following the interview with Andrew Dixon in the spring issue and subsequent developments, Variant has sought to proactively and collectively consider the potential impact of these changes for artistic practice, and, more broadly, for the meaning of art and culture in contemporary Scotland.As a contribution towards such dialogue, Variant has invited a series of responses which here take the form of interview exchanges and written rejoinders. Is it possible to deconstruct the phantasmagoria of industrial ruins through the images that constitute it?

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  1. "I'd prefer to be married when I have kids." The 47-year-old's bandmates and 120 of the couple's friends were on hand to fete the newlyweds as they exchanged their vows.