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Now, those people have a place to share their Disney interests, favorite characters and attractions, and photos to help you find your Mickey or Minnie!When Dave Tavres first came up with the idea for Mouse in 2011, he was meeting women through online dating sites but they rarely shared his love of Disneyland or Walt Disney’s creations.Personal assistant Ele's most effective openers have one thing in common — peanut butter.Some of her most successful icebreakers include “Life or death decision: peanut butter or Nutella?Mingle uses your standard Word Press website and standard Word Press theme to create your Social Network instantly.So go ahead and try it out–give your users a more social experience on your website today!You can now try Mingle out in our Mingle Community!

Let your own body be your most trusted personal trainer.“I want Mouse to be a place for people find someone who really shares their same passion, not just a list of interests.” Disney fans tend to be more dedicated to their hobbies than non-Disney fans.Many visit the Parks multiple times a month, they travel across the Country to do Run Disney events and they’re often tagged as ‘The Disney person’ at their jobs because of their collections or knowledge of the brand.For some of those women, they questioned his interest because they just didn’t understand.It took several years before he came back to the idea and started building the site.

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