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For example, Mobile County requires nonresidents to wait three days after receiving the license before being married by a Mobile County Marriage Official.In addition, people must wait 60 days after their divorce is final and present a copy of their Divorce Decree before being able to receive a marriage license from any county in Alabama.

This program is ranked #12 by US News and World Report. Capella University is now offering an online Master of Social Work that is in CSWE candidacy status.

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The question isn't simply a matter of whom you'll be going out with on Saturday night. Indeed, despite its increasing depiction in the media, interracial romance is still America's "last taboo," according to Tom Smith, director of the General Social Survey at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. And recent surveys reveal that American attitudes toward intermarriage have also steadily improved: While 70 percent of adults in 1986 said they approved of interracial marriage, that figure had climbed to 83 percent by 2003, according to a Roper Reports study.

Since interracial dating (or "interdating") and interracial marriage were outlawed or ostracized for so long in U. history, many sociologists see the incidence of these relationships as a key indicator of the state of U. "Many people who are honestly accepting of equal treatment across a wide range of social interaction would finally draw the line when it came to [a romantic relationship] between the race groups," says Smith. "We are seeing declining levels of objection to interracial marriage," says Smith.

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