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Origins of Compulsory Education In ancient Judea, even before Plato's The Republic popularized the idea of mandatory education, Jewish leaders required parents to provide at least an informal education for their children.

In fact, rabbis founded a number of schools throughout the region and encouraged parents to send their children to school beginning at the age of six.

But the Aztec Triple Alliance (which ruled modern-day central Mexico in the 15th and early 16th centuries) is widely credited as being the first nation to make education mandatory for all children.

If you don’t like how many hours your boss makes you work, you’re only viable option is to quit.

This article explores the cultural and legal history of compulsory school attendance laws.

See State Compulsory Education Laws and Home Schooling Alternatives to learn more.

They are instituted to expedite the sentencing process and limit the possibility of irregularity of outcomes due to judicial discretion.

Mandatory sentences are typically given to people convicted of certain serious and/or violent crimes, and require a prison sentence.

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