Linked cells in excel not updating

Browse to the source workbook's current location, choose it and press "OK." Provided you pick the correct workbook, the source listed in the Edit Links window will read "OK" in the Status column, and the data in all linked cells will update.

Press "Startup Prompt" if you want to set Excel to always update or never update working links when you open the current workbook.

Why aren't there more solutions or even a Microsoft KB solution for this?

This feed is the only one I've found on the whole web!

When other users open those files, they don't update the links.

Automatic update of the embedded and linked objects is extremely powerful feature of Microsoft Word, but it could be boring for a large document.

With manual links, Word updates the links only when you decide to update them. The simplest is to position the cursor somewhere in the linked object and then press F9.This setting does not automatically fix broken links -- it only updates links with an "OK" status.The default option, "Let users choose..." uses the current user's setting, which by default displays an update prompt each time you open the workbook.Then click OK to close this dialog, when you open this workbook next time, the links are automatically updated, and additionally, no message appears.This chapter takes you through some formula basics, including constructing simple arithmetic and text formulas, understanding the all-important topic of operator precedence, copying and moving worksheet formulas, and making formulas easier to build and read by taking advantage of range names.

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