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It is time for you, our wonderful youth, to bring back the old definition for when young men and young women get together for a social experience.

You may have heard the term; this experience was once referred to as a date. explains that a date “allows a young man and a young woman to get to know each other better.

When I told her what the book actually contained she was as mortified as I was. The corresponding desire for women was respect – the highest, most intimate wish of every woman was to merely be respected.

Explain that an important rule of tennis is that the ball must stay “in bounds.” Point out that there are no rules about how fast you serve the ball or how many times it can be volleyed over the net, but there are rules about keeping score and what is in and out of bounds.

When I was newly 16 my mother brought home a highly recommended book about dating, written by an LDS author.

Having not read the book herself, she assumed that it would be filled with excellent advice. This book, authored by a man, taught me that the most important thing to every man in every relationship ever was sex.

Spending face-to-face time with other people is necessary to build true friendships.

As I have had the privilege to talk with young men and young women throughout the Church, I have often heard that while a great many of you are interested in building better friendships with those of the opposite sex, you often struggle with knowing exactly how to make that happen.

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