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Unfortunately, the system failed to record data during the 2002-2004 interval due to a hardware problem. A., Mc Clain, J., and the Science Party: Batson, P., Beers, K., Daly, M., Dushman, B., Gollner, S., Govenar, B., Haney, T. H., Parker, C., Von Damm, K., Zekley, J., and Zelnio, K. In a recent publication, Rubin and van der Zander (2005) discuss radiometric methods for dating lavas as one means to establish eruption chronologies.Ages for lavas erupted within the past 1.5-2 years were determined with the Pb dating method (Rubin and others, 1994). A., 2004, FIELD cruise to the northern EPR: Discoveries made during biological investigations from 8°37'N to 12°48'N: Ridge 2000 Events, v. Some of their techniques were applied to samples of fresh lava (erupted September-October 2003) found on the East Pacific Rise (EPR) at 10°44'N (Voight and others, 2004).Oklahoma’s crags, spread across too wide an area, wouldn’t do. Horseshoe Canyon sits smack in the middle of a 14-mile stretch of Highway 74 that spans from Ponca to Jasper. My Arc de Triomphe covering an electrified cattle/goat guard. As a team, Leather and Lace, they’ve done the competition every year. Morning comes with the start of the 12-hour competition.In want of mindless bolt-clipping for the midnight hour, they looked east to Arkansas, to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. Here, from the top of the hill you can see the road wind down to the barn, main lodge, and HCR Trading Co., but if you glance left and right you can catch glimpses of the many-hued sandstone that lines the canyon. Barry and his wife Amy run the show here, and by show I mean an actual dude ranch. They and their wranglers and ranch hands, were they not so goddamned kind, would break you sooner than they could break a new quarter horse. Andy Chasteen, the ringleader of the comp, added it a few years ago just to give more people the chance to do something. In the beginning it was just a group of guys measuring dicks and trying to guess how many routes they could climb over the course of a day. After formulating something a little more structured and sharing with friends, there was a contingency interested.Researchers there determined that an eruption had occurred within 1 to 2 months prior to the site visit.A hydrophone array (designated N-EPR) nominally monitored this part of the EPR since 1996, but not in real time.

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I told myself it was training: Where I’m headed, the hallowed grounds of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, you need to be able to hold your liquor.

Were I competing as in years past, it’d definitely be to calm my nerves from the impending and ruthless beatdown.

This location lies ~ 1,900 km WNW of the Galápagos Islands.

During a November 2003 biological sampling visit to the EPR at 10°44'N, divers in the submersible Alvin expected to be revisiting an established hydrothermal vent field.

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