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Marquardt, 42, who is engaged to her beau of seven years, Nick Carpenter, revealed to Us that she plans on inviting her Playboy family to the couple’s future ceremony, including her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner, as well as the currently warring Madison, 36, and Wilkinson, 30.

Girls Next Door alum Bridget Marquardt spoke exclusively with Us Weekly at the second annual Let’s Make a Baby Fundraiser Gala in L. on Thursday, May 19, where she said that she’s keeping her feuding former costars Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson separated at her upcoming wedding.

Well, the photographer posted the photos, and that same day a guy named Mark called from and asked about me. After I filled him in, he was as shocked as I was, and clearly a little worried.

The truth is, I wasn’t exactly sure what the Playboy Mansion was — or who Hugh Hefner was, for that matter. “I want to drive you up there,” he said protectively. During the car ride Zack questioned me about how I was going to handle being invited to be Hef’s girlfriend, but I didn’t have an answer for him.

Given the girls’ bad blood, Marquardt is taking preemptive measures to keep any potential fights at bay.

Wilkinson's father, Eric, left the family when Kendra was four years old.

We get that they're twins, but we were still a little bummed out to hear that Hugh Hefner can't tell two of his three girlfriends apart.

Honestly, if you look quickly at a photo of Hef's latest batch of ladies, it's even a bit hard to distinguish 22-year-old Crystal Harris from the 19-year-old Shannon sisters.

Then again, maybe Hef's still pining away for his former steadies, "The Girls Next Door": Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson. But at age 83, Hef has shown us time and time again that he's good at loving the ladies and then moving on.

Take a look at some of the women he's wooed over the years.

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Photo gallery: See Hef's girlfriends through the years.

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