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It can be done in more grand ways, like sending romantic gifts to her office, asking to dance out of the blue, surprising her with a heartfelt letter. Women of the past had to practically marry a man before she saw his true colors, because there was so much pressure for him to show decorum.Now there’s no such thing, and so the men who are truly classy will stand out. My goals is to do rock climbing and to join a dance group. I don't any one who does drugs (no weed of any sort) and doesn't abuse alcoholic. I want that man to be close in the same area as me. I don't how to make clear to you men out there about the distance . What type of music I am into is old school, r&b, and hip hop. The marriage I have in mind is not my marriage or yours.Nor is it the institution of marriage, which seems to be moving in dishonorable and God-ignoring directions at every turn in our country. My hobbies include dancing, hiking, camping, swimming, running, painting, the movies and the beach. Some one who likes to talk, cuddle, open, trust, and someone that keep their word. "It take two to tango." I have the 3 strike rule with me. Also, I want to put out there and it might shock some of you men off but I am vegetarian. I am ok if you eat meat in front of me because I am use to it .

This can be done in simple ways, like offering a coat if she’s cold, opening doors, sending flowers, paying the bill.No, not the one that the Stilley family has coming this Thursday!There is no shortage of conversation on that around our home already, and we are excited for our son and our new daughter-in-law as this wonderful day approaches.Rumors surfaced over the summer that the two were seeing one another — at one point spotted grocery shopping together in Bedminster, N. RELATED: EVA LONGORIA DATING MARK SANCHEZ A WEEK AFTER SPLIT WITH CRUZ Longoria divorced her second husband, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, in early 2011 after less than four years of marriage.She’s since been linked to Spanish-born singer Eduardo Cruz, the brother of actress Penelope Cruz.

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