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This product sold new beginning in December 2015 for about 00 to 700.

About 5,000 units are involved in this (s)Deere & Company garden tractor recall.

Their products are all identified by a serial number, which Deere also refers to as a product identification number, PIN, or Lawn Mower ID No.Depending on the type of lawn tractor, its features and age of manufacture, the serial number can be found in several different locations on the tractor, according to the John Deere Knowledge Base.The length of the number sequence will vary as well, largely based on the age of the lawn tractor with more recent models having considerably longer identification numbers than older models.The Majestic, Eaton, John Smyth, Jackson, Sandow and Waterloo Boy are some of the more common Waterloo engines. The beginning number in January for each year is listed.After the sale of Waterloo to Deere and Company in March of 1918, the company introduced a new design with the "H” (gasoline) model with hit and miss governor and the “K” (kerosene) model with throttle governor. SERIAL NUMBERS LIST MODEL YEAR SERIAL NUMBERS QUANTITY 1906 4902-52 5280-61 6185-8341 2156 1909 8342-13550 5208 1910 13551-24145 10594 1911 24146-39501 15355 1912 39502-67080 27578 1913 67081-91672 24591 1914 91673-113017 21344 1915 113018-126548 13530 1916 126549-137642 11093 1917 137643-146034 8391 1918 146035-152396 6361 1919 152397-156361 3964 1920 156362-160003 3641 1921 160004-225999 * 1922 226000-229510 3510** 1923 229511-235520 6009** 1924 235521-239584 4063** 1925 239585-251330 11745** 1926 251331- * Some numbers probably skipped as Waterloo Boy "H" and "K" and John Deere "E" models were all in production replacing the original model.

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