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After so many years on the air, the “One Tree Hill“ set functions like a well-oiled machine, and rarely do members of the press factor into that.

To say that we were thrilled when Zap2it was invited to Wilmington, NC to watch a bit of filming for the final season of the show is an understatement.

It would be as if somebody filmed every single day of your high school career, you'd be like, I don't remember saying that!Moira Kelly (Karen) found out she was pregnant after the pilot was shot, but Schwahn didn't want to write the pregnancy into the show, so they used an array of props to hide her belly. Though Jackson Brundage was only 6 when he was cast as Jamie, he was really good at memorizing lines. When Jamie was first written into the show, a lot of his scenes were dictated by what Brundage wanted to do.He would tell Schwahn he wanted to eat ice cream, and in nearly every scene, he'd be eating ice cream.OK, so that might be the understatement of the year--Julie, our amazing-beyond-words photo projects director actually prepped for her grand entrance with James--fluffing the hair, glossing the lips--you know the deal.See, Julie's always had a thing for James (just like I've always had a thing for Bryan Greenberg), so we sent them off for an exclusive interview, and he opened up to her about what's to come after this year's bittersweet series finale, hipsters, and sneaking peaks at Victoria's Secret catalogs. ) Well, just read the interview for yourself: James Lafferty: We shot our pilot in 2003 and we'll be airing into 2012, so it's been nine years!

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I haven't really done a full audition for a long time, so I'm going to have to get back in the groove of going into that room and just doing my thing. James Lafferty: I guess you could classify it as a post-apocalyptic zombie western.

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