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They started out as friends and denied it forever (no doubt trying to keep the fangirls happy - an act which shall henceforth be known as Hiddleston Syndrome), but I think they were together for a while. I felt he was going to blow up huge but then..I've followed Ben Barnes' career for several years now, and I think he's gay.

She used to travel with him on location while he was shooting. To his credit, he hasn't really bearded or let himself get set up with girls for movie premieres or things like that.

Ben's mother's quotes wanting more sex in the film confirms this. It was basically: why wasn't your character having more orgies? I was expecting Ben Brantley of the NY Times, who has his own special brand of looks, and they're not pleasing.Ben may have Work information - Check Full Background Report to see possible job history including what current and previous jobs, companies they may have been employed at, job titles, duration of employment, and a list of their co-workers.Ben may have Education Information - Check Full Background Report to see possible education history including where and when they attending high school and college, and a complete list of their high school class list.I do not know him personally, nor can I get into contact with him.There's never been a girlfriend and even his schoolmates have said he never had a girlfriend the entire time he was at school. His mother sounds like a weirdo, and his father is also a psychiatrist.

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He reprises the role in forthcoming film Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. He said: ‘You might be nervous now but when you see it on film you’ll be proud of it, it’s something to overcome.’ It didn’t register any differently to seeing myself kissing anyone else on screen. Not very, I still see myself as the skinny, pale, youngest boy in the class but I’m working on it. I’d never see the inside of a gym if I didn’t need to go for a role but I’m enjoying it now. I just go for the best stories I can find and do the things I’d watch myself. So you’re not looking for a vampire project to keep in with the fans? I’m doing a comedy called Killing Bono now, in which I make a complete t** of myself. One reviewer called you ‘Britain’s drippiest leading actor’.

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